Festival du Voyageur is happy to welcome members of the media to Festival du Voyageur. For access to Voyageur Park during the festival, we ask they apply for media accreditation.

Submission dates: January 13 to February 7, 2020

Media Accreditation Policy

  • Only accredited media will be allowed on site during Festival du Voyageur public hours;
  • Access to Voyageur Park outside public hours must be approved by the marketing and communications department;
  • Media accreditation passes give media access to the areas of the park that are open to the public;
  • Media does not have access to Voyageur Park during the Canada Life School Program;
  • Festival du Voyageur reserves the right to revoke the media pass should this policy not be respected.

All applicants will be contacted with confirmation or denial of the request. Those approved will be given further instructions.

For more information, please contact

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
[email protected]
Direct: (204) 258-2561
Cell: (204) 918-0351

Directeur du marketing et des communications
[email protected]
Direct: (204) 258-2560
General: (204) 237-7692


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