International Snow Sculpture Symposium

Festival du Voyageur’s International Snow Sculpting Symposium gives sculptors from around the world the opportunity to express themselves in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation, through a short- lived art medium that has evolved over many generations. Each team is asked to create a piece of art out of a simple block of snow measuring 3m x 3.7m x 3.7m (10’ x 12’ x 12’), inspired by their experience at Festival du Voyageur or simply guided by their own imagination.

2020 Teams

CHINA – «Dreaming of a Horse»

  • Yuchuan Zhang (Capitaine)
  • Ying Jing

France – «FRAGILE Rhino»

  • Fabien Champeval (Capitaine)
  • Fridirike Schrot
  • Arnaud Roblet

united states of america – «Tranquil Beast»

  • Kyle Slivnik (Capitaine)
  • David Prom
  • Joseph Brandanger
  • Jaymie Stocks

United Kingdom – «Pavillion»

  •  Mark Thompson (Capitaine)

India – «Child Labour»

  • Mirdul Kumar Upadhyay (Capitaine)

  • Iahoor Dinlone

STEINBACH – «The Leg, 100 Years»

  •  Lyle Peters (Capitaine)
  • Garry Funk
  • Kevin Peters

ARGENTINA – «Opresion»

  •  Hugo Mercelo Ruiz Caceres (Capitaine)
  • Adriana Oplanish
  • Gabriela Farias Nicchi

Sculptures from previous years