Local snow sculpting competition

Do you have what it takes to become a snow sculptor?

Round two has been cancelled due to extreme cold warnings.

See you at the 2019 International Snow Sculpting Symposium during the festival!

We’re looking for teams to participate in our local snow sculpting contest. The contest is open to all and participants can sign up in teams of four.

the teams

Participants must sign up in teams of two to four people. The competition is open to everyone. We reccomend at least one team member with some sculpting experience (no coaching will be provided). Three to four teams will be slected to participate for the first round. A second round will be held in early February.

Teams will be given a 8ft x 8ft x 8ft snow block and must bring their own equipment. Teams will have up to 4 days to complete their scupture (Thursday to Sunday). No electrical or mechanical equipments are allowed, only hand tools. Festival du Voyageur will supply ladders.

Competition objectives

  • Promote the art of snow sculpting.
  • Draw the public’s attention towards more awareness of snow
    sculpture as an art form.
  • Encourage interactions between participants.
  • Develop future sculptors in snow and other mediums.


There is a 25$ registration fee per team.


2 prizes will be awarded: One $200 prize awarded by our judges and one $200 prize awarded by members of the public. The judging criteria will be the following:

  • Creativity – research and originality of the form.
  • Technique – use of snow block and work accomplished.
  • Theme – presentation of theme and visual impact of work.

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