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While remaining proud of our heritage, Festival du Voyageur would like to recognize the role the fur trade industry has played in the colonization of these lands and the long-term impacts it has had on our Indigenous relatives.

Festival du Voyageur commits to nurturing relationships with its Inuit, Métis and First Nations relatives by encouraging, curating, and promoting Indigenous languages, culture, and traditions.

Festival du Voyageur would like to acknowledge that its Festival is hosted on Treaty 1 territory. The energy that powers the Festival comes from Treaty 5 territory. The water that sustains it is sourced from Treaty 3 territory.

Minut Michif

A second series of Minut Michif, in partnership with the Union nationale métisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba, will consist of six new videos which focuses on modern Métis culture that is rooted in tradition. This series explores Métis culture and traditions which are passed down from one generation to the next.

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Virtual Concerts

Ivan Flett Memorial dancers

Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers are three siblings from Winnipeg, Manitoba who share a passion for dance, not just any dance it's all about the Red River Jig!

Michael, Jacob and Cieanna Harris each began dancing at the young age of five years old. They perform traditional dances of the Red River Jig mixed with modern dancing known as the hip hop jig. Through their gift of dance they have had great opportunities to travel the world and they hold numerous achievements and awards 

Their main focus is to attract youth through the rhythm and style of the hip hop jig. They hope to motivate and inspire people of all ages, and bring awareness that their culture is going strong and continues to be ambitious with this dance and music.

Formally known as the Slick and Lil J Show, back in 2012 they lost one of their biggest fans and proud supporter, Grandpa Ivan Flett passed away, it was with great sadness but an honour to rename themselves the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Every dance they do is in honour of him.

Asham Stompers

The Asham Stompers are a very high energy Metis dance group whose mission is:

"To help re-capture and preserve the history of the Metis people through the dancing of the RED RIVER JIG which was invented right here at the Forks of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers in the early 1800's to attract the fur traders into the first Metis Colony to trade furs"

Asham Stompers are accompanied by Live Power Fiddler Shawn Mousseau.

Pow Wow 101 presented by the Spirit Sands Singers


FONTINE crafts sanguine lyrics that tell of loves past and present. often using themes of nature to ground her songwriting. Her identity as a Nehiyaw Iskwew goes back to early memories of visiting the family farm on Cowessess First Nation reserve. Through songwriting, beading, and exploring the natural world, FONTINE is working to uncover the roots buried for years, and become a part of a wider community of songwriters.

Ila Barker

With soul and voice as smooth as warm honey, folk singer songwriter Ila Barker captures audiences with her sweet melodies and dynamic presence. Ila is of mixed Anishinaabe and settler heritage with roots running deep in the Manitoban prairies. Her craft is seasoned with rich history and powerful refined textures. Coming from a long line of storytellers, she fuses authentic and timeless notes creating moments of serenity and blissful escape.

In February of 2020 Ila released the “Let Go” single, an atmospheric and stripped down collaboration with UK based artist Milan André that was recorded off the floor in one take in the northern Cree nation of Nemaska, Quebec. “Let Go” landed on the National Indigenous Music Countdown, and climbed up the charts for three months straight hitting the top 15. Ila's first full length album is set to be released fall 2022.

L'Feu d'l'Einfiniti | The Infinity Fire

L’Feu d’l’Einfiniti s’t’enne plasse pour s’rankontri ô mélyeu dju Park dju Wèyajeur, divou ksa fa aneur ô Métchif d’la Rivyerre Rouj. Fette kom l’seinbol d’l’einfiniti, s’t’enne manyerre djifrante pour montri la rizilyans di Métchif, ke djure ankorre ô Manitoba. L’Festival dju Wèyajeur sa veu ankouraji toul’mond, li z’ami pi la faméye, a s’rankontri a kôti d’la shaleur di feu pour partaji di z’istwerre pi la jwè d’vive.

The Infinity Fire is a gathering place in the heart of Parc du Voyageur which honours the Red River Métis. Its unique design in the shape of the infinity symbol is a representation of the everlasting Métis resiliency in Manitoba. Festival du Voyageur’s intentions are to encourage everyone to gather with friends and family by the warmth of the fires to share stories and joie de vivre.

Nanabush and
the Rabbit

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Jordan Stranger

Through pencil, paint or digital mediums, Jordan Stranger communicates the importance of life, culture and acceptance. His works are deeply rooted in the traditions within contemporary Indigenous culture. As an Oji-Cree individual originally from Peguis First Nation, Jordan uses his life experiences to drive his artistic passions.

He obtained his diploma in Graphic Design at Red River College in 2012 and had worked in advertising for almost a decade selling and pitching campaigns to thousands of clients. Today he continues his work as a full-time self-employed visual artist and graphic designer operating under his own brand, Totem Doodem. Over the last few years he has held several art exhibitions in Manitoba and has participated in cultural events in Toronto and Oaxaca.