2024 Festival




7 & under

1st PLACE - Mia Hutlet
2nd PLACE - Hymie Greenfeld

8 to 10

1st PLACE - Ellie Whetter
2nd PLACE - Josianne Talbot
3rd PLACE - Arwen Kehler
4th PLACE - Bennett Skrabek
5th PLACE - Cassidy Chong

11 to 13

1st PLACE - Élise Hutlet
2nd PLACE - Margaret McCusker
3rd PLACE - Coralie Chevrefils
4th PLACE - Audrey Lee
5th PLACE - Josué Narvaez Attas

14 to 17

1st PLACE- Danika Hutlet
2nd PLACE- Gabe Bylyna
3rd PLACE - Amy Blair
4th PLACE - Kieran Meeches

18 and older

1st PLACE- Jeremie Talbot
2nd PLACE- Julianne Doner

55 and older

1st PLACE- Phil Veldhuis
2nd PLACE- Marlene Goodman
3rd PLACE- Brian Granger


1st PLACE- Nya Chapman
2nd PLACE- Robert Boulet
3rd PLACE - May McCusker
4th PLACE - Khelton Headley-Wolf
5th PLACE - Jesse Large


12 & under

1st PLACE - Margaret McCusker
2nd PLACE - Arwen Kehler

13 to 16

1st PLACE - May McCusker
2nd PLACE - Colton McLeod


1st PLACE - Robert Boulet
2nd PLACE - Gabe Bylyna
3rd PLACE - Jesse Large

2024 jigging contest

10 & under

1st PLACE - Levi Carlisle
2nd PLACE - Natalie Beaudry
3rd PLACE - Zachariah Hardisty
4th PLACE - Nya Davis
5th PLACE - Savanna Anderson

11 to 13

1st PLACE - Sammy Wylie
2nd PLACE - Jocelyn Beaudry
3rd PLACE - Lacey Carlisle
4th PLACE - Mikeira Courchene
5th PLACE - Lauren Hardisty

14 to 17

1st PLACE - Peyton Habinski-Anderson
2nd PLACE - Kyler Courchene-Hardisty
3rd PLACE - Mikeily Courchene

55 & over

1st PLACE - Gerry Daly


1st PLACE - James Anderson
2nd PLACE - Sara Courchen

2024 beard growing contest

Clear shaven

1st PLACE - Albert Kirby
2nd PLACE - Steve McRitchie
3rd PLACE - Sook

Open / innovation

1st PLACE - Tracy Lavallée
2nd PLACE - Huguette Vallée
3rd PLACE - Chad Norris

Voyageur beard

1st PLACE - Jeremy Groen
2nd PLACE - Rob Neufeld
3rd PLACE - Vincent Lavallée

This year's contest is in support of CMV Canada. Congenital CMV (cCMV) is the most common non-genetic cause of birth defects and hearing loss in infants. The Canadian CMV Foundation is a national charity committed to preventing cCMV infections and improving the quality of life and care for those affected.

2024 Pea Soup Contest

The 2024 Festival du Voyageur pea soup competition presented by Roquette was a delicious success! We would like to thank all the competitors and festival-goers who participated.

🥇Prize of the public: Resto Gare
🏆Jury Prize: Next Door

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