Boîte à chansons

(Mobile concert trailer)
Rental for the 2023 season

Rental 2023

Need a stage for your summer event? You can now rent our mobile concert trailer - Boîte à chansons, with its two stages setup options (indoor space and/or outdoor space).

Boîte à chansons rental includes delivery within Winnipeg city limits, sound system, and on-site supervisor (up to 6 hours).

Information (PDF)
Rental Form


Luc Guénette
(204) 258-2551
[email protected]

More information about the rental

Rental Form - Boîte à chansons

(Keep in mind that the trailer must be parked on a flat ground and in a safe and secure location)
Will there be security on-site at all times?(Required)
The Boîte à chansons requires 2 x 50 amp stove plugs. Do you have access to the power required to run the Boîte à chansons?(Required)
If no, a generator will need to be included at an additional fee.
Do you require a Sound Engineer that has knowledge of the equipment above? (If you have a Sound Engineer, please ensure that the technician has an extensive understanding of how to use a M32 mixer).(Required)
The Boîte à chansons comes equipped with an M32R with an iPad and stagebox, 30 XLRS, microphones + mic stands, Di Boxes, 4 main loudspeakers, 3 compact monitors, and the option for up to 4 subwoofers at an additional charge.
Do you require subwoofers?(Required)
Will there be people at the event location to help unload and lift equipment for the Boîte à chansons?(Required)

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