Safe space policy

At the Festival du Voyageur events, we welcome the members of the community to celebrate the “joie de vivre”. We believe that everyone has the right to attend shows and to participate in activities in safe environment, regardless of age, ethnic group, sexual orientation, gender and physical or mental ability. Festival du Voyageur has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment and verbal or physical behavior that belittles or marginalizes any person.

If you feel that someone is acting disrespectfully or in a threatening manner, please report it immediately to one of our security agents, recognizable by their high-visibility vest, to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Those who do not respect the rules or who compromise the safety of other festivalgoers could be dismissed from the event without being reimbursed.

Safer space

Festival du Voyageur offers a safer space at it’s festival, located near the entrance of the Forest Manitoba 150 tent.

Festivalgoers may visit this location for access to:

  • Harm reduction information
  • Psychedelic Crisis Intervention
  • Earplugs
  • Condoms & lubrication
  • Drug checking

Safer space partners

Project Safe Audience