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The Canada Life school program is planning on offering a variety of activities for your students.

Check this space in early November for our guide on our interactive workshops focused on the history of voyageurs, the fur trade, First Nations, and the Métis Nation!

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    Monique Olivier

    Heritage & Education Programs Manager
    [email protected]
    Tel. : (204) 258-2567

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    Colin Mackie

    Heritage & Education Programs Director
    [email protected]
    Tel. : (204) 258-2566

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    Ayden Schumacher

    School Program Coordinator
    [email protected]
    Tel. : (204) 258-2570


    The Canada Life School Program offers students an educational voyage to an important era in Western Canada’s history — the fur trade.

    We invite you and your students to engage with the cultures, stories and languages of our ancestors. Designed to educate students in Grades 1 to 12, the program will explore the dramatic day-to-day lives of the Voyageurs through song, dance, art, sport, and historical interpretation.

    At Canada Life, we’re helping communities reach their potential, every day. Through working together with Festival du Voyageur, we’re engaging new generations of voyageurs, while shining a light on our storied past. Like our country, our company was built by those with adventurous hearts and pioneering spirits, which is why we’ve grown and prospered with Manitoba since 1891.

    We’re proud to continue our support for such a longstanding, Winnipeg winter tradition. Bon Festival! Hé ho!


    Visiting Winnipeg for the Canada Life School Program? Winnipeg has many world-class attractions for your group. 

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