Virtual shows 2022

Mulvey Street Maniacs

Made up of four Franco Manitobans, Mulvey Street Maniacs take their inspiration from diverse musical genres ranging from traditional fiddle, francophone, country, rock and the blues. With an emphasis on diversity, don’t plan on seeing the same show twice!

Men in Kilts

After a 10-year hiatus, the Men In Kilts are back to play at Festival du Voyageur 2022.  Since 1999, this Winnipeg-based band has been fusing the traditional sounds of the fiddle and the highland bagpipes with the electric guitar, bass, and drums to create a sound that is uniquely their own.  Although it might seem unconventional to play traditional Scottish, French and Irish songs at a punk rock tempo, the sweat, smiles, and screams of the Men In Kilts audiences leave no doubt that the blended style works like a lucky charm.

Sierra Noble

Entering the music industry at a young age can have profound effects on an artist’s personal and professional journey, and Sierra Noble knows this well. The Winnipeg singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, released their first album of traditional Métis fiddle music as a teenager, followed by the well-received Possibilities, and later, City of Ghosts. Over the course of these albums Noble honed their skills as a songwriter while garnering widespread attention, which led them to opening for Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, and Johnny Reid, and as a featured performer for the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. Noble’s original music has been included in TV shows such as One Tree Hill, Switched at Birth, and Parenthood, and in films such as CBC’s Humboldt: The New Season, 40 Weeks, and Fostering Hope.

“Let Me Out of Here” is the first single from the new Sierra Noble. In its crystalline melodies and epic poise, Noble sings of smiling through teeth in response to the unwelcomed opinions and judgments of others. But they know what they need – freedom to follow their path and be released from all that’s kept them down – and the song’s title is their powerful declaration of that.

Jocelyne Baribeau

De sa voix touchante et pure, Jocelyne nous invite à nous laisser emporter par ses airs pétillants et ses tendres ballades. Dans un style aux nuances de folk contemporain assorti d’une touche pop-country, sa présence dynamique et animée est aussi teintée d’intimité et d’émotion. Les chansons de Jocelyne

Baribeau sont réfléchies et honnêtes. Elles reflètent le cœur de son être, un parfait mélange sucré-salé.

Originaire du Manitoba, Jocelyne a grandi entourée de musique. Collaboratrice et entrepreneure de nature, Jocelyne a développé, au fil des ans, une série de projets musicaux qui ont contribué à son évolution en tant qu’artiste. Elle a œuvré dans le monde de l’opéra et de la musique classique tout d’abord, puis a lancé son aventure solo par un projet pour les petits, sous le pseudonyme Madame Diva, un éclatant succès.

Elle a partagé la scène avec plusieurs artistes au fil des années, soit en plateau double ou en création tels que Stef Paquette, Anique Granger, Ariane Mahrÿke Lemire, Alexis Normand et Patrick Norman pour en nommer quelques-uns. Ces collaborations ont mené l’artiste à créer un projet duo avec Danny Boudreau intitulé Beauséjour.

Jocelyne possède le talent irréfutable de pouvoir transmettre l’émotion et la nostalgie. Elle partage avec nous ses observations de la vie dans son nouvel EP PORTRAITS VOLUME 1 (26 mars, 2021); de ses bonheurs et ses délires jusqu’à ses moments de tristesse et de questionnement.

Sun Runner

The Sun Runner is composed of eight musicians - most of whom have extensive experience studying music, and performing both locally and internationally.  Their modern sound features lively horn arrangements and dynamic vocal harmonies driven by a tight familiar foundation. Check out their live sound before they release their debut album, set for 2022.

Roman Clarke

Roman Clarke is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Winnipeg. His high energy show is juxtaposed with his somber lyrics; melancholy observations on life tinged with humour. At a Roman Clarke show, you will dance, cry, laugh, and when it's over you'll only want more.

Gérald Laroche

A JUNO Award recipient, Gérald Laroche is a harmonica master who has been compared to legends such as Larry Adler, Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson. His music is highly original reflecting his French Canadian and Metis roots, and incorporating world music, Zydeco, boogie, blues – perfect for a festival party!


A Métis group from Saint-Laurent, Manitoba, Coulée offers you a lively show. Their original music mixes the traditional themes with the new vision of Riel’s people.

Alpha Toshineza

Alpha Toshineza is the ambassador of francophone hiphop in Manitoba. His latest album "Triple A" was nominated for both best Rap and francophone album in 2019. As a poet who makes words dance over a variety of breakbeats, Alpha is back at the Festival after a two-year absence.

Les Surveillantes

The audience can't help but smile when they see Les Surveillantes perform on stage. Gathered around two microphones, the proximity leads to an unparalleled complicity between the members of the group. Les Surveillantes present songs in which humor and sensitivity are exchanged.

Ila Barker

With soul and voice as smooth as warm honey, folk singer songwriter Ila Barker captures audiences with her sweet melodies and dynamic presence. Ila is of mixed Anishinaabe and settler heritage with roots running deep in the Manitoban prairies. Her craft is seasoned with rich history and powerful refined textures. Coming from a long line of storytellers, she fuses authentic and timeless notes creating moments of serenity and blissful escape.

In February of 2020 Ila released the “Let Go” single, an atmospheric and stripped down collaboration with UK based artist Milan André that was recorded off the floor in one take in the northern Cree nation of Nemaska, Quebec. “Let Go” landed on the National Indigenous Music Countdown, and climbed up the charts for three months straight hitting the top 15. Ila's first full length album is set to be released fall 2022.


FONTINE crafts sanguine lyrics that tell of loves past and present. often using themes of nature to ground her songwriting. Her identity as a Nehiyaw Iskwew goes back to early memories of visiting the family farm on Cowessess First Nation reserve. Through songwriting, beading, and exploring the natural world, FONTINE is working to uncover the roots buried for years, and become a part of a wider community of songwriters.

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