Festival du Voyageur launches 2020 wordmark designed by Jordan Stranger

Author: Nicolas Audette

The tipi in the center represents home with the four directions and the sacred hoop on the front.

As a whole, the wordmark vibrates with the energy of Festival du Voyageur.

“Nobody is bigger than anyone, and we need to all be able to work together,” said Stranger, artist and designer of the 2020 Festival du Voyageur wordmark. “Having that history at Festival – the fort itself with the fur trade and having First Nations as a part of it. They all operated together, and that’s the way it should continue.”

Stanger is a visual artist who communicates the importance of life, culture and acceptance. His works are deeply rooted in the traditions within contemporary Indigenous culture. As an Oji-Cree individual, Stranger uses his life experiences to drive his artistic passions.

“Life is about happiness. My work is an example of searching for it,” says Stranger.

Stranger is best known for his solo exhibition, “Firekeeper” at ace art inc. running until December 6, his murals “Elk Crossing”, “Together”, “Respect”, and “Love Grows” in the Forks Market, and his blanketing of the Sutherland Hotel.

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